How to Repair iPhone 11 Pro Max with Cracked Back Rear Glass

How to Repair iPhone 11 Pro Max with Cracked Back Rear Glass

The iPhone has undergone tremendous changes over the years. With the release of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone lovers are given an opportunity to showcase their devices with pride.

If there is one thing that iPhone users love, it’s a clean sleek-looking device. No one wants to showcase their iPhone 11 Pro Max when the rear glass is shattered. And even if you were to hide the damage with a back cover, it will only be a matter of time before it completely breaks. There is no doubt that you should have your iOS device fixed as soon as you can by an expert.

iPhone rear glass repair should be repaired professionally due to the sensitivity of parts in this device. For that reason, sending it to a repair shop such as Mr. Phone Doctor is the most reasonable thing to do. We have a wide range of experience in handling iPhone cracked back glass. Send us your cracked iPhone, and we will get it repaired quickly and professionally.

Why You Should Not Use an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a Cracked Back Glass

For most people, when their iPhone rear glass cracks, they often do not react to it as fast as if it was the front screen. Maybe that’s because they assume they can cover the crack with a back cover. However, the truth of the matter is that the longer you leave the damage unattended, the more its likely to worsen. Sending your device to Mr. Phone Doctor for an iPhone 11 rear glass laser repair before it gets any worse is the best thing to do.

There are various reasons why you may want to repair your phone quickly after its rear glass cracks:

  • Prevent accidental cuts – The iPhone 11 Pro Max back can produce small sharp shards and can potentially cut you when it is cracked. To avoid injury to yourself or anyone using your phone, get an iPhone back glass repair.
  • It can create more damage to the phone – If you continue ignoring the various cracks on the back glass of your iPhone, they will increase and could result in more costly repairs. Repairing your iPhone cracked rear glass from Mr. Phone Doctor is the most certain way to prevent things from getting any worse.
  • Maintain the worth of the device – Definitely, you made a large investment to purchase the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Thus, you want to maintain its value. However, continuing to use it with a cracked back glass diminishes that value.

Getting the iPhone 11 Pro MAX Back Glass Repaired

iPhone rear glass laser replacement is one of the strategies used to get your device back to its original working condition. There are several machines on the market built to do this, and they typically work in the same manner. We use the best quality laser machine in the industry. It uses a high-powered fiber optic beam to heat the epoxy on the back of the glass to make it easier to remove from the housing. It takes skill and time, but professionals such as Mr. Phone Doctor technicians have the expertise to complete this repair. The result is a shiny new back glass that looks good as new.

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