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Screen Repair

Screens are the most important part of your cell phone and ironically they are also the most delicate part. Which is why you need to get it repaired as soon as you feel there is a problem.

Earphone Jack Malfunctions

If your earphone jack has malfunctioned or it’s not working like it used to, then there is a high chance you might need a repair.

Battery Replacement

As your phone gets old gets your battery starts generating issues, if you are facing these issues there is a huge chance that you might be facing a battery problem and most likely you should get it replaced.

Camera Failure

Your cellphones camera might malfunction due to numerous of reasons, impact, liquid or motherboard malfunctions.

Speaker Failure

Speakers are an important part of your phone since they allow you to hear ringtones and talk on calls effortlessly.

Everything Else

If you have any other issues feel free to contact us so we can troubleshoot and get resolved.

Having issues with any of the following?