Phone Not Charging? How to Properly Clean Your iPhone or Samsung Charging Port

Phone Not Charging? How to Properly Clean Your iPhone or Samsung Charging Port

There is literally nothing you can’t do today with a mobile phone. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, covering all aspects of everything we do from shopping, entertainment, communication, photography, gaming, banking, among others. In the midst of all these services that your iPhone or Samsung device enables you to access, it has to be charged for you to actually do so.

Normally, you would simply plug in your device, and it starts functioning. But that is not always the case. There are times when everything just seems to stop working. No matter which charger you use, the phone can’t just seem to get fully charged. That can be your first sign of the need for a DIY charging port clean.

Do not panic and think you will spend hundreds of dollars fixing it.  You can use any of the troubleshooting measures given in this article to clean the phone charger yourself and get it back into operational mode. Let us first look at the most typical culprit for the phone not charging.

Causes of phone not charging

If it’s not an issue of overcharging the battering and spoiling the phone’s charging port, the majority of the Samsung and iPhone charging port issues are triggered by dust. Generally, there is very little that you can do to prevent dust from accumulating in this area.

Luckily, if you are struggling with a phone not charging related to dust, you do not need any special skills to identify whether this is the issue. Shine a light in the port and closely observe its state. If you are unable to see the metal contacts and dust is clearly visible, then you have the answer you’ve been looking for. When plugging in the charger, dust acts as a barrier, ensuring that no electrical connection is made. Thus, power does not reach the battery.

Proper way to clean your iPhone or Samsung charging port

At Mr. Phone Doctor, we have a number of recommended strategies that iPhone and Samsung users can follow to clean the charging port. Whether you want to clean 8 pin port or any other type of port, these options should work for you:

  • ISO 91% Rubbing alcohol

Are you wondering how to clean iPhone charging port with alcohol? You’ll be surprised to learn that the process is far simple than it sounds. Just pour a little rubbing alcohol into the port to eliminate any notorious dust stuck on the charging panels. You may want to use an old toothbrush to clean off any hard-to-reach debris inside the port. Mr. Phone Doctor recommends that you make sure the phone is powered off before you pour any alcohol in it.

  • Compressed Air

As professional phone repair experts, Mr. Phone Doctor has no reservations recommending a compressed air approach for clearing dust from electronic components. With this strategy, your goal is to point the nozzle to the charging port and give it an ample blast. Doing so can help loosen debris and make it fall out.

  • Toothpick approach

Another approach that most people looking for how to clean iPhone charging port is to use a handy household item.  The use of a toothpick will work just fine in this situation. Gently sweep the toothpick inside the port to loosen any dirt and shake the phone for it to fall out.

Need help cleaning dirty mobile phone charging port?

If you are having a hard time cleaning a dirty charging port, you can send it to us for assistance. Contact us either on phone or email for assistance:

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