Mr Phone Doctor.coms Full Adhesive Tempered Glass uses Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) technology to apply our Tempered Glass to your original screen. It is the best protection for your Samsung Galaxy S & N Series. Most tempered glass has glue around the edges which causes issues in touch and sensitivity while using your device. You may see yourself having to press harder on the screen for it to respond to your touch.

With our Full Adhesive solution this eliminates that problem by applying a thin layer of LOCA over your original screen and laying a sheet of glass over it. Its like having an extra screen on top of your original screen! LOCA is evenly placed on 100% of your screen it allows for easy use and full response of touch. We have had many happy customers rave about the protection they have had since using our product. Why mess with the rest when you can go with the best!

We will be more than happy to install our Full Adhesive Tempered Glass schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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